Chamber of Mines Safety Officer Certificate 1 (Companies)

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Chamber of Mines Safety Officer Certificate 1:

Who should attend?

The course is intended for the Safety Officer, Mine Overseer, Shift Boss, Foreman or Line manager who must implement the mine’s safety program.


To provide the candidate with the knowledge and skill that will enable him to perform his legal functions and duties in respect of:

The identification of threats or potential threats to the safety & health of persons
Accident investigation and reporting
Inspections and inspection frequencies
Identification of critical areas
Evaluation of training
Safety meetings
Application of the relevant Mine Health and Safety Act and Regulations
Subjects covered are :

1. Safety and Health Hazards related to:

  • Machine guards, small tools, scaffolding and lifting gear handling and storage of chemicals
  • Surface and underground fires
  • Electrical equipment earth leakage protection
  • Storage and use of gas and electrical welding equipment falls of ground and support methods
  • Trucks and tramway procedures
  • Coal dust and gasses
  • Environmental control procedures and practices
  • Flame proofing

2. Conducting of :

  • Thorough accident investigations
  • Legal inquiries into accidents and other matters

3. Functions and duties of a Safety Officer

4. Mine Safety and Health Act

5. Plan Reading


Ten days

Certification: A Chamber of Mines certificate is issued

(TR Safety Consultants are the only authorised presenters of the Chamber of Mines Safety Officer Certificates 1 & 2)

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