Chamber of Mines Safety Officer Certificate 2 (Individuals)

Date: August 26, 2015 Category:

Chamber of Mines Safety Officer Certificate 2:

Who should attend?

The course is intended for the Safety Officer, Mine Overseer, Shift boss or Line Manager who has completed COMSOC I and will assist in furthering knowledge of implementation of the mine’s safety program.

The course will further the candidates knowledge of the requirements of the Health and Safety Act & will help candidates in the functions of a Chief Safety officer’s legal duties

Subjects covered:

  • Principles of Management
  • Security Philosophy and Principles
  • Communications and Safety Presentations
  • Introduction to Risk Management
  • Occupational Health and Hygiene
  • Introduction to Ergonomics
  • Standards and Procedures
  • Practical implementation of task observations
  • Accident Investigation and Analysis
  • Implementation of a planned inspection program
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Explosives Safety
  • Shaft Sinking and hazards
  • Trackless and Opencast Mining
  • Measurement and evaluation of a safety program
  • Auditing ability and process in a safety program
  • Report Writing
  • Meetings and Safety Committees
  • Coaching and training methods
  • Evaluation of Skills Training


Ten Days

Certification: A Chamber of Mines certificate is issued

(TR Safety Consultants are the only authorised presenters of the Chamber of Mines Safety Officer Certificates 1 & 2)

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