Workplace Health and Safety Representatives (MQA Accredited)

Date: August 27, 2015 Category:

Workplace Health and Safety Representatives (MQA Accredited) 16/MQA/0697/AC4/061216

Target Population:

Workplace Health and Safety Representatives

Proposed Outcomes and Objectives

This course is designed to give the workplace safety representative an insight into his duties and responsibilities and a practical way of implementing safety in his area of responsibility.

Course Content

  • Health and Safety Act 1996 overview
  • Duties and rights of the safety representative
  • Qualifications of the safety representative
  • Health and safety agreement
  • Health and safety committees
  • Meetings/ communications
  • Proper job instruction
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Accident/Incident cause & Investigations, Inspections & Observations
  • Hazard identification/risk assessment
  • Ventilation and refuge chambers
  • Strata control

Note : these subjects can be altered/deleted to suit your requirements


Ten days (5 days theoretical training & 5 day practical in the work place)

Only available on request from a company. A minimum of 10 candidates is required.  This training is done on site and a formal quote will be provided on request.

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