Principles of Conduct

1. Business Integrity and Ethics

TR Safety Consultants support free enterprise as the system best able to contribute to the economic welfare of society as well as to promote individual liberty

We will comply with all laws and regulations applicable to our business

We are implacably opposed to corruption. We will not offer, pay or accept bribes or condone anti-competitive practices in our dealings in the marketplace and will not tolerate any such activity by our employees

We will maintain high standards of planning and control to identify and monitor material risks; safeguard our assets; and to detect and prevent fraud

We will promote the application of our principles by those with whom we do business

2. Employment and Labour Rights

We are committed to the adoption of fair labour practices in our workplaces and our conditions of service will comply with applicable laws and industry standards

We will promote workplace equality and will seek to eliminate all forms of discrimination

We prohibit the use of child labour

We recognize the right of our employees to freedom of association

We will provide our employees with opportunities to enhance their skills and capabilities, enabling them to develop and contribute fully to business and society

3. Safety, Health and Environmental Stewardship

We have formulated a Safety, Health and Environment Policy and will monitor our performance regularly. We will continue to review and develop this policy

We recognize the need for environmental stewardship to minimize consumption of natural resources and waste generation


The following considerations guide our dealings with stakeholders:

1. Investors

We will ensure full compliance with relevant laws and rules. We are committed to good corporate governance,
transparency and fair dealing

2. Employees

We aim to attract and retain the services of the most appropriately skilled individuals. We are committed to treating employees with respect and consideration and to investing in their development and advancement

3. Customers and Business Partners

We seek mutually beneficial long term relationships with our customers, business partners, contractors and suppliers based on fair and ethical practices

4. Government Bodies

We respect the laws of host countries whilst seeking to observe, within our operations, the universal standards
promulgated by leading intergovernmental organizations

5. Non-governmental organizations

We aim for constructive relations with relevant non-governmental organizations which may lead to better practices
and increase understanding of our host communities

Trevor Backman